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This improved Jet Loader was developed based on the concept of having a "cleaner production area". Equipped with a full-range this state of the art Jet Loader will help you realize a working environment.
EControl Panel
We succeeded in making the operations simpler by using a touch type panel with digital settings and indicators. Conveyor control for various machines can be simply carried out.
                   Touch-type Control Panel
Conveyor timer setting              Cleaning cycle counter
Timer setting for conveyor discharge damper
2`6 direction conveyance control (option)
External alarm output (option)

ESpace-saving design
Makes the best use of the maximum available space in crowded factories with limited space. Designed to be more compact, streamlined and highly efficient.

ECounter that informs you of cleaning cycles
A lamp informs you of the filter cleaning timing based on how many times the conveyor is set. This eliminates the need to worry about filter clogging. (As options an alarm buzzer and a warning lamp are available.)
ELarger dust box
Dust-discharging is easier just when the agraffe is opened.This reduces the maintenance frequency improving productivity even more.
EQuiet operation
By using a low-noise blower, unpleasant metallic and conveyor noises are reduced to a minimum.
ECyclone Dust-Collection
The cyclone separator finely collects dust reducing the cleaning frequency compared to conventional units. This feature has also eliminated filter clogging. Moreover, the capacity for crusher material is not reduced allowing stable conveying for extended periods of time.
EWide-Range of Options
Wide-Range of Use to Meet Your Needs

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